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Gianfranco Chiarini



Executive, Corporate, Celebrity and Michelin starred Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini, Multi Continental Cuisine, Culinary and Scientific research for new gastronomic trends, Molecular analysis, Classic Michelin cuisine, Food analysis, Design and Development of exciting new culinary concepts, Close networking with worldwide consultancy chefs. Born in January 8th 1966 in Ferrara, Italy. Chef Gianfranco Chiarini, comes from Colombo-Italian origins, and at an early age was exposed to a multicultural environment. Growing up between (Ferrara - Italy), (Caracas - Venezuela) and (New York City - U.S.A).

Early Cooking Career:

In 1986, the young Chiarini enrolled in the Instituto de Alta Gastronomia de Caracas, Venezuela, which has been closed due to political unbalances in this country. During this time Chiarini studied and worked in several restaurants, and found his passion for cooking would develop into becoming his one true profession.

Back to the United States where he enrolled at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute, a branch of the Culinary Institute of America and the world renowned, Le Cordon Bleu. There again his life was spent between his practical experience in restaurants and his culinary studies. After completing his degree at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute, he moved to France where he was thrust into the heart of the most competitive culinary region of the world. But, Chiarini’s ability to multitask his time, learn and absorb at an extreme fast pace, and ambitious spirit led him to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu one of the most ambitious and prestigious culinary schools in Europe and the world.

While at Le Cordon Bleu he worked under masters like Alain Dutournier chef/owner of Carre des Feuillants (**Michelin_stars), and later while in Rome, Italy working under the enigmatic Executive Chef Heinz Beck at La Pergola (***Michelin_stars), and in Ferrara, Italy working for top-level restaurants such as, Antichi Sapori and Hostaria Savonarola as a sous chef. Moving became again imminent, when The Pirsch Mühle (*Michelin star), restaurant in Germany offered him the opportunity to run the kitchen along with the Executive Chef.

Professional Career:

Beginning the new millennium chef Chiarini decided to have a new challenge in his learning, and teaching process. He moved to the Middle East, starting with Intercontinental hotels in Oman. During this period dedicated part of his time also to the consultancy business for Al Bustan Palace and Shangri-La Hotels. Later he moved to Bahrain, and developed culinary concepts for Mövenpick and Marriott.

His next target was Kuwait, where he fully engaged his culinary career as chef with Marriott Hotels. There he was in charge of Marriott’s flagship property Courtyard Deluxe Edition. He developed, and brought to the next level the signature and deluxe Nord-Italian specialties restaurant “Il Forno”. While at Marriott he established two renowned “Chaines des Rotisseurs”. In Kuwait Chiarini developed a close relationship with the late Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, where he created exotic dinners for the family. There he became widely known as a celebrity TV chef, with the broadcasting channel Al Rai. Chiarini starred in more than 50 cooking shows, where he featured and introduced a more personal level of the true European culinary cuisine to the Persian Gulf community. Currently, Kuwait still remains his most beloved country in the Gulf.

Chiarini continued his culinary journey adding Spain, U.K and Ireland to his European repertoire as well as Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. In Africa chef Chiarini worked for the Starwood hotels chain, in one the most luxurious and posh properties in Eastern Africa; the Sheraton Addis a part of the Luxury Collection of Starwood hotels. Ethiopia is well known for being the diplomatic capital of Africa, and in this setting it was unavoidable that chef Chiarini would cross paths with some of the most prominent local and international politicians of this century.

He served personalities like; the 39th President of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter and the first lady Rosalynn Carter, the president of Israel Shimon Peres, the Presidents of the (AU) African Union, including the Ex Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

His time spent in Asia inspired him to travel throughout the continent immersing him in the food, and absorbing the culture giving him a great appreciation and deep understanding of the Asian culture. Countries like China, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines have been a great source of culinary knowledge and amazing experience for the chef.

In Australia, New Zealand and Oceania the chef has expanded tremendously and unexpectedly, since his first book’s impact on this continent; where chef Chiarini’s The Emerald Book, achieved first place in conjunction with the current culinary cook book from "Noma" (best restaurant of the world). In Australia the impact has been seen, as this continent’s need and appreciation for Italian top culinary artistry. The renowned food, wine and travel authority Visitvineyards.com placed the chef’s "Emerald" book at first place for the best top twelve, and most beautiful culinary books for the 2010/2011 year.

In January 2011, Chiarini was featured as Star chef in the jet set magazine 8 (Thamāniya), from Saudi Arabia. This magazine is the exclusive property of Princess Amira al-Taweel and the Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Additionally, the chef has been featured as a celebrity chef for his activities in the Middle East and his books “The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine Collection”. The books are a tribute to the ebb and flow of culinary influences between Italy and the rest of the world. Chef Gianfranco is proud to present the new classics of Italian cuisine, as Chiarini has noticed how Italian food has enjoyed a great deal of popularity throughout the years, but recently has stagnated.

In February 2011, Chef Gianfranco has been honored with his inclusion in Wikipedia the free world encyclopedia, for his accomplishments and contributions to the culinary arts in six continents and around the globe. Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini also speaks 7 languages, and has already published the first and second edition cookbooks of a unique trilogy. A beautiful compilation of great masterpieces, created with care by the chef gathering influences and a fusion of cultures from around the world, having as a base Italian Cuisine.


The books are a perfect balance like all his dishes are, of history, techniques, colors, flavors, sensations and textures; mixing as well Classic Italian Michelin Cuisine with Modern Fusions, old basic techniques with modern cutting edge tools and equipment. And all as a result of his journeys and culinary adventures in all the continents of the world.



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