Celebrity Chef Cookery Classes

Book your corporate virtual On-Line Cookery Class with your chosen top professional chef / Celebrity Chef.



Yes! You can actually book a virtual on-line cookery class with your chosen celebrity chef.


We only accept corporate bookings and classes must be no bigger that 30 to 40 people cooking from home, However each participant can be joined by a  partner or other family member living with them at there own home.


The reason we only do a maximum of 30 to 40 participents is to keep it professional and chef can maintain a fair and stable ammount of communication in order to controll and lead the group forward to complete  the task at hand.


  • Bookings are subject to chefs availability.
  • A menu choice will be sent out once booking is completed.
  • A list of ingredients will be sent out once menu is chosen.
  • A list of essential aquipment will be sent out also, based on menu.
  • Menu will consist of 1 - 2 dishes at maximum.
  • Class times are approx 1.5 hrs long, allowing for food preperation.


Bookings enquiries are via  Tel: 07590695122 or

E-mail: andy@celebritychefs.co


Andy Richards Andy Richards
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