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Mike Keen

Chef Mike Keen – Specialising in naturally produced and seasonal foods, Mike marries the simplicity and heritage of classic dishes and techniques with theatrical touches and modern techniques.

Born in England and brought up in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia & Germany, Mike got a taste for exotic flavours and adventurous cooking at an early age. He has explored the cuisines of multiple countries, working not only in the kitchen but front of house as well, giving him a great sense of balance for events

Mike has spent a good part of the last three years in Greenland – kayaking, cooking and researching and writing his upcoming book on fermentation and the food culture in the Arctic, as developed by the Norse and Inuit over a thousand years ago. Recipe based, it features traditional methods as well as Mike’s own take on these unknown, soon-to-be classics.

When he’s not adventuring Mike gives talks and demos at food festivals as well as cooking for private events. Finland, Estonia, Faeroes, Iceland, Greenland & Georgia have all hosted Mike recently.

Mike has recently filmed a show for Channel 5 about developing an eco-homestead as well as also food styling for tv, A passionate advocate of eating your environment his menus are always creatively written to highlight local food and techniques. He also teaches at various cookery schools and projects.

In April 2023 he will be embarking on a 3000km solo kayak expedition traversing the length of Greenland – a big part of this will be Mike eating purely a traditional Inuit diet in collaboration with a team of international microbiologists and a Norwegian filmmaker to measure the impact of the diet on his microbiome and general physiology.

Mike is usually based in deepest Suffolk where he runs courses on subjects from building cob ovens to fermentation, curing and cold smoking

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